Workshops | Day 1 | 2:00pm Monday 12th August


Transitioning from PhD to Post-Doc, a seminar on research grants, funding and fellowships for post PhD research careers

Join Dr Nathalie Bock, Dr Arutha Kulasinghe, Dr Mark Adams, and Dr Emily Bryan to step into the world of research funding, grant applications and fellowships for post-PhD research career options. After short presentations from each speaker, the audience will have the opportunity to ask these highly-successful researchers about their experiences transitioning from PhD students into the world of academia.


Planes, Trains and Automobiles: navigating the journey from EMCR to independent researcher

This workshop will involve a Q&A style with two panels of researchers, including EMRCs and Level D/E.

The aim is to provide useful tips on how to overcome the challenges of becoming a successful researcher, including some tricks and tips from experienced, successful researchers.

Workshops | Day 2 | 1:40pm Tuesday 13th August


Essential media & social media skills for researchers

Communication is a vital part of creating research with impact. Being able to connect with the wider world and convey complex topics in clear, vivid and engaging ways leads to improved understanding by the public, the media and other key stakeholders such as government and industry.

This one-hour workshop, experts from QUT’s Marketing and Communications team will provide tips and techniques to help you shape your research story, build your social media skills and get you comfortable working with journalists.

Subjects covered include:

  • Changing media landscape
  • The elements needed to make a great story
  • Staying out of hot water in a media interview
  • Context of social media in 2019
  • How to use social media
  • Personal brand
  • Be social
  • Do not feed the trolls


Researchers engaging with Industry : tips, tricks  and totally awesome advice.

It’s hard to separate the need for researchers to engage with Industry.  Be it collaborating on grants, responding to industry specific issues, seeking funding, translating into practice or strengthening the teaching-research nexus  – the list goes on.  Yet the whole notion of working with industry can be a challenge for researchers and it changes from discipline to discipline.

How do you meaningfully partner with industry?  What about in-kind partnerships? How do you engage with industry to implement findings of your amazing pilot project?

In this workshop you will  work with QUT leaders in industry engagement; hear from fellow researchers on their experiences of working with industry (what works and of course, what doesn’t work), share tips and tricks and create the bones of your industry engagement plan for your research.  We will also cover the help and assistance that is available to researchers within QUT and seek your feedback on what other support IHBI might be able to provide to our researchers.