Professor Boyd Swinburn | Day 1 Keynote Speaker

Professor of Population Nutrition and Global Health


Boyd Swinburn is Professor of Population Nutrition and Global Health at the University of Auckland and Alfred Deakin Professor with the Global Obesity Centre, Deakin University, Melbourne. He is also Co-Chair of World Obesity Policy & Prevention section (formerly International Obesity Task Force).

He trained as an endocrinologist and has conducted research in metabolic, clinical and public health aspects of obesity. His major research interests are centred on community and policy actions to prevent childhood and adolescent obesity, and reduce, what he has coined, ‘obesogenic’ environments. He is currently leading an initiative (www.informas.org) to monitor and benchmark food environments internationally. He has over 350 publications related to obesity, established WHO’s first Collaborating Centre on Obesity Prevention at Deakin University in 2003, led two Lancet Series on Obesity and co-chairs the Lancet Commission on Obesity. He has been an advisor on many government committees, WHO Consultations, and large scientific studies internationally.


Cassandra Dunn | Dinner Keynote Speaker

Clinical & Coaching Psychologist

Cassandra Dunn is a Clinical & Coaching Psychologist, Mindfulness meditation teacher and Director of Living Wise Psychology based on the Sunshine Coast.

With 15 years experience working with individuals and groups, Cass has become an expert in what it takes for people to flourish in life. She is passionate about sharing what she’s learned in the form of evidence-based strategies that will help people create more fulfilled, joyful and meaningful lives.

Cass co-hosts the top rating ‘Crappy to Happy®’ podcast with her friend and expert fitness trainer Tiffiny Hall, which has been downloaded over one million times (available on iTunes). She is currently writing a series of ‘Crappy to Happy®’ books, the first of which is due for release in late 2018.