Integrated Science

Integrated Sciences is a privately owned Australian company. Established in 1983, we pride ourselves in offering quality products with the highest levels of technical support and service and specialise in the Life Science and Diagnostics markets. We offer quality solutions for your research in the areas of NGS library prep and target enrichment, extraction and purification, gene editing and mutagenesis, exosome research and epigenetic studies. We are proud to represent Agilent Technologies with its market leading SureSelect sequencing portfolio and Synthetic Biology Solutions, NuGen’s innovative RNAseq technologies for very low input samples, System Biosciences Inc and their comprehensive offering for those studying Exosomes, Zymo Research’s vast range of purification and clean up products to get the best out of you RNA and DNA and Transomic Technologies newly release dual edit CRISPR clones and pools with superior knockout efficiency, minimal off-target effects, unique barcode sequence identifier for downstream analysis.